Chris Robinson Opens Up About Black Crowes Break-Up

February 20, 2015 7:48 PM

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Guns ‘N Roses came out of the gate in the late 80s with one of the greatest debut albums of all time, "Appetite For Destruction". In an era rolling with corny hair metal, GNR actually rocked. But fame and ego got to the band, and Axl Rose became a control freak. Rose famously feuded so hard over control of the band with almost every single member from Slash, to Steven Adler, to his childhood friend Izzy Stradlin. He was so out of control that he ended up either firing every original member or motivating them to quit. Most notably, Rose and iconic GNR guitarist Slash hate each other’s guts so badly still today that they both vow to never play with each other on stage again.

Despite being one of the biggest bands in the world, it was the bratty infighting between brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher that eventually did in Oasis for good. For years, Liam and Noel would fight over jealousy, musical contributions and who had the bigger spotlight in the band. Fights would be ve...

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