The Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Vytorin

November 18, 2014 12:07 PM

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A controversy that went on for years revolved around Zetia and Vytorin from Merc and their capacity to actually prevent heart attacks, as many have thought them to have no positive effects whatsoever. But a study released Monday may revolutionise the manner in which doctors treat patients with heart attacks or severe chest pain. Dr. Chris Cannon of Brigham and Women’s Hospital presented the findings at a meeting of the American Heart Association. “We see benefits of taking cholesterol levels that are low to very low in the post-heart attack patients,” said Cannon.

In a nutshell Merc & Co.’s Vytorin has successfully passed all the trials and listed as the best cholesterol lowering drug. It is a combination of Statins and Zeita. Statins is a highly used drug for the treatment of bad cholesterol in the blood. It reduces the cholesterol level present in the liver...

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