Chimpanzees are meant to live in the wild, not in our home

September 24, 2014 9:22 PM

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Chimpanzees are meant to live in the wild, not in our home

Chimps are beguilingly attractive, when they are infants and raising one seems much akin to raising a human child. They look warm, needy, and are a pleasure to interact with. But the superlatives end here because chimps grow very fast and are bestowed with their unique intelligence which makes it impossible to keep them quiet and satisfied in a human environment. By the time they are 5, they are stronger and bigger than an average human adult. Pet owners have horrifying tales of how they lost their fingers and suffered facial injuries when their chimps have gone berserk.

Chimp Mom is one of the best moms around and pets her child for almost 24 hours. Chimp’s mother sleeps with one hand on their child. This form of maternal care can never be reached by any human. There are a whole lot of problems which need to be addressed like constant messes, demanding feeding sc...

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