Charlie Hebdo Massacre Was Designed to Save Saudi Princes’ Hide

January 21, 2015 1:30 AM

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Call it a contract killing. Call it Europe’s 9/11. Call it anything you want, but be very sure that the whole episode was planned, and planned carefully. For gunmen with ties to Yemen to show up at the precise time when editors were meeting, in central Paris; with expensive and extensive weapons …and massacre journalists and/or cartoonists in such a publicly amplified way… is simply a recipe for a false flag attack like 9/11 designed to provide the pretext for a much larger ‘war’! It’s simply obvious.

Well, all fingers are pointing at Yemen, right? It’s not simply Al Qaeda that is being blamed for the attacks – but specifically Yemen’s Al Qaeda? We conveniently have a video now from the head of Al Qaeda in Yemen claiming responsibility!! How amazing?

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