A Charlie Brown Christmas; commercialized gentleness

December 17, 2014 1:20 PM

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I must have watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas" hundreds of times. In the past few years, it's been on more than once during the holiday season, truth be told, once ABC tv got it's hands on it, the gentleness of CBS's handling of the classic has really gone commercial. But that is what the whole cartoon is about - the commercialization of Christmas. Sally, Charlie Brown's sister, talks about getting lots of gifts for Christmas and if possible, cash would be better - 10s and 20s. Snoopy enters a contest for best holiday decorations and until Linus gives his speech about the whole meaning of Christmas, it's all one big commercialized mess. And it's ironic how Charlie Brown complains in the episode about how commercialized Christmas has become and that's exactly what the holiday special has become, an economic engine for non-stop tv commercials. And Charlie was complaining about it in 1965! He would really have a conniption today.

ABC has taken the cartoon and spread it into an hour so they could add many more commercials, which seem to air every five seconds. Originally "A Charlie Brown Christmas" ran for half an hour with a handful of commercials with Dolly Madison products as its main sponsor, remember those Dolly Madison ...

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