Changes I am Making to Enjoy Life and Redefine Success

July 30, 2014 8:07 PM

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Saying no even when yes is a good option, or perhaps even the better option, is my personal motto. This inspiration came from a book written by Pastor Doug Fields, entitled What Matters Most: When No Is Better Than Yes. I have begun to employ my motto in phases, which means instead of agreeing to do something or go somewhere right away, I'll respond by saying: "Let me look over my schedule when I have a few minutes and get back to you, because I'd hate to commit and have to back out later." The second phase is simply saying "no" when I know right away I cannot do or attend something, or if I know I just do not want to do or attend what is being asked. Of course there is a tactful and respectful way of saying "no." Moreover, it is also important to note that phase two takes more courage and boldness than phase one; and that while I "graduate," if you will, to phase two, phase one never goes away, but is frequently used in tandem with phase two.

I am appreciating day-by-day that I cannot lead myself, let alone others, if I do not sleep. Leaders, heck humans, can only be as effective as their sleep life because the brain uses that time to not only scrub toxins, but also to reset, restore, revive, and refresh itself and for our benefit. For y...

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