How to Change Your Fitness Mindset

July 30, 2014 9:19 PM

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How to Change Your Fitness Mindset

As women we tend to see fitness as a fix to losing weight in addition to a tool to improve our aesthetics. In my experience as a trainer, I have yet to have a female client who began her journey with a goal other than the pursuit of achieving her best body. We (women) strongly believe that once we obtain that specific body, we will love and accept ourselves and live happier lives. This belief often saps our motivation and overlooks fundamental and more important aspects, like getting stronger, connecting with our bodies, and transforming ourselves to be more functionally fit and beautiful -- all of which help us live a more productive and fulfilling life. We forget that we are more than our looks, or the number on the scale, or the emotions we feel. There is a greatness within us that we often forget to feed and develop through hard work, dedication and a positive mindset so that we can be successful in conquering our goals.

I recognized the difficulty in adjusting my mindset only after I could no longer participate in competitive athletics. Sports played a huge role in my life growing up. The track, the gym, training and competing were my home. Early in life I learned to look at my body for all that it was able to achi...

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