Change Is in the Air

October 1, 2014 3:03 PM

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Change Is in the Air

On recent strolls through my neighborhood, I've been noticing that while my route remains the same, my surroundings do not. Orange leaves are peeking through in ways they weren't even a day before, my neighbor's big black overcoat has made a fall debut, I'm hearing hot apple cider instead of iced tea orders at the cafe, and the offerings at the local fruit stand already include pumpkins! It all got me thinking about how we can learn from the changes we observe in our environment and readily connect nature to with the changes and adaptations we observe within ourselves.

Mother Nature changes our surroundings all year long, and in turn, we adjust and switch up our routines, even in tiny ways. Here are a few fun ways to look at the ways in which Nature is talking to us and how the change in the air (particularly this crisp, fall air!) can also help us make simple cha...

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