Celebrating the Little Moments

April 21, 2015 4:29 PM

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Who would have thought rain could bring such a feeling of gratefulness? After months of near drought conditions here where I live the rain started to fall yesterday. I went for a walk, juggling my umbrella and my cellphone to capture an out-of-focus image of dripping flowers in someone's garden. The photo I took wasn't a masterpiece, but the moment certainly was. It felt like the whole world had just stepped into the shower and there was all this singing going on. I don't usually like rain, and if it hadn't been for that flower catching my attention and shifting me into gratitude I could possibly have started grumbling about it as the novelty wore off and the day wore on. Instead I was filled with a pleasure that has lasted in such a delicious way. A day later I am still thinking about that hot pink flower dripping raindrops on the lawn. Such a simple humble thing really and yet for that brief moment yesterday it was my everything.

When we allow ourselves to stop and feel grateful we are no longer peering out into a future that doesn't yet exist. Now we're really living, in the only place it is possible for us to live -- the here and now. That's what I loved most about that moment yesterday. I was nowhere else. I wasn't thinki...

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