CD Review: 'Arisen Upon Oblivion' by Unfathomed Abyss

January 21, 2015 11:27 PM

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Black metal music is usually grouped under the umbrella heading of heavy metal music, with the caveat that black metal is as a "radical" subdivision of the genre. It is characterized by wailing guitars, screaming vocals, and rapid cadence. Heavy make-up, also known as "corpse paint," is favored by practitioners of black metal. It's sometimes referred to as "Gothic death metal." For those never exposed to it, try to imagine the Deftones or possibly Tool amped up on crystal meth -- then hit fast-forward. That will give potential listeners some idea of what to expect. Or think of it this way: death metal sounds the way Marilyn Manson looks.

The band under discussion here is Unfathomed Abyss, which is basically one person, Kevin Price, who does it all: bass, guitars, vocals, arrangements, engineering, and album artwork. The exception on the album are the drums, performed by Kevin Talley, drummer for Daath; he's without equal when it com...

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