A Cautionary (Print Studio) Tale for Artists

July 2, 2014 8:04 PM

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Lawsuits can be messy affairs, and the one filed in 2013 by financial investor Edward Houillion against a print studio (Seikilos FX Studios) in Dallas, Texas is a mess that has sucked in a number of artists. Houillion, as head of a limited liability company, agreed to invest in the print studio and then claimed that the owners of the studio misrepresented their financial situation and business plan in order to attract an investment, then mismanaged assets, diverting funds from the business to their own personal use and not providing a proper accounting to Houillion. Claims, counterclaims, you're a liar, no you are - let them fight it out.

As part of the wrangling, Houillion seized control of the print studio space and its assets, which included original artworks (paintings) that eight or nine artists had brought in to create print editions - Houillion also seized completed print editions - using the studio's patented digital imaging ...

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