Carolina Butcher CROCODILE ruled before the ferocious dinosaurs in NC

March 22, 2015 8:05 PM

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Scientists believe that the Carnufex carolinensis roamed Earth before the dinosaurs did, and it likely ruled the Earth long before dinosaurs ever came along. The research was conducted at N.C. State and according to Lindsay Zanno, the lead paleontologist on the study pointed out that, “As one of the earliest and oldest crocodylomorphs, Carnufex was a far cry from living crocodiles. It was an agile, terrestrial predator that hunted on land, Carnufex predates the group that living crocodiles belong to.”

While the name of the creature might seem complex, the team points out that it loosely translates to “Carolina Butcher,” which is a fitting name for such a frightening creature. It wasn’t a very large species, but the team pointed out that it was likely the largest species that existed at the time. ...

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