Cardamaro: A Cocktail Option for the Pinot Grigio Set

December 27, 2014 7:32 AM

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Cardamaro: A Cocktail Option for the Pinot Grigio Set

WHEN IT COMES TO DRINKING, I admit to embodying every girly stereotype. I rarely drink anything but wine. Often it is white (the tannins in red wine can give me headaches), and often I don’t really care what it is so long as it doesn’t taste like syrup or come out of a spigot attached to a box. When ordering in restaurants, I’ll use generic, bush-league adjectives like “light” and “crisp.” Once I heard a sommelier use the word “steely” to describe Chablis, and I was so taken with the descriptor that I trotted it out for the next several years. This impressed my companions for about two and half seconds—until they realized that I had no other adjectives in my lexicon and was merely trying to stall for time while deciding whether to get the seven dollar glass of Pinot Grigio or the nine dollar glass.

As much as I don’t like leaving my comfort zone, there’s really no excuse not to try something that literally shows up on your doorstep, in this case by way of a shy delivery man who was greeted rather too enthusiastically by my friendly but enormous dogs and nearly knocked over. Probably I should h...

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