Carbon Dioxide Oceans May Have Sculpted Venus’ Surface

December 31, 2014 6:02 PM

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Carbon Dioxide Oceans May Have Sculpted Venus’ Surface

Now seen as an extremely hot planet, Venus might have had oceans at a very early point in time. However, these seas would have been as hellish as the planet is today, being made not of water but of liquid of carbon dioxide. These oceans may have covered the whole planet having a depth ranging to 80 feet. Venus’ surface is believed to have been molded by these oceans of fluid carbon dioxide, according to a study published recently in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters.

The study was conducted under the supervision of Dima Bolmatov,, a theoretical physicist of New York’s Cornell University. His team of researchers created digital atomic model reproductions to see how Venus’ carbon dioxide behaves. They examined the features and effects of ‘supercritical’ carbon dio...

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