Is Captain America 3 Civil War a Bad Idea?

October 15, 2014 1:02 AM

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Monday the internet/movie/comic book geeks of the world went crazy. Robert Downey Jr. mentioned he is close to signing to appear in Marvel's 2016 Captain America 3 film. That immediately lead to rumors that this would feature one of Marvel's most popular storylines "Civil War". For those of you who don't know the basic premise of "Civil War" the superhero universe is basically divided when the government wants to initiate a Superhero Registration Act which would force superheroes to unmask. One side of the fence was Tony Stark/Iron Man who was all for the act while on the other side was Steve Rogers/Captain America fighting for hero's rights.

That sounds like a pretty epic storyline to unfold in theaters but let's ease up, step back and look at this for a second. I have total faith in Marvel Studios and how they've created the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you read my MCU film ranking list you can see I don't think they've made a bad fil...

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