A Cape for Courage

September 23, 2014 7:32 PM

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A Cape for Courage

How does one sit with the awe-inspiring, truth-telling Liza Long without being completely raw and honest herself? How can you not go as deep as possible and speak from the depths of your soul when you are talking with a woman who publicly exposed her -- and her family's -- own truths about living with mental illness to millions of people? When I met with Liza in New York to shoot our video interview series, "Liza and Janine Unplugged," we decided to share about our own personal histories of being in a very dark place in our lives.

In doing this, I felt scared, vulnerable, and uncomfortable. However, I am driven by knowing we have to share these truths in order to keep shedding light on this topic, otherwise we'll continue to hide behind secrets and shame. Nevertheless, it's not easy to revisit the memories of my adolescent ye...

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