Cancer: The Antithesis of Birth

January 8, 2015 6:28 PM

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Cancer is something that I did not worry much about. Heart disease and diabetes ran in my family. They concerned me. Cancer is like grief. You do not completely understand its stronghold until it knocks on your door. I had an intimate relationship with grief. A year after my father's untimely death, my grandmother passed. Grief engulfed me like a flood. I felt sympathy for cancer victims, but not until last year did cancer become personal because three people dear to me were diagnosed.

In early 2014, my godmother was diagnosed in her 70s. She kept the diagnosis from me until after finishing chemotherapy and the prognosis was favorable. The family did not want to alarm everyone. A fear came over me. What if she had not survived? I had postponed visiting trying to "make it" in NYC. ...

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