Canada: Hoverboard Record Set By Canadian Man

May 23, 2015 4:21 PM

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Ever since the movie “Back to the Future Part II” in 1989, when Marty McFly rode a hoverboard, just about every kid or science geek dreamed of setting a hoverboard record. Now, a man in Canada has done it by hovering over Lake Quareua. He has proved to the entire world that a real-life hoverboard is possible and could someday become available for would-be hovercraft riders.

Catalin Alexandru Duru, 30, is a Canadian engineer from Montreal, and he has built a real-life prototype of a hoverboard that can carry a person several feet into the air and allow them to hover and fly several feet up and travel around. It makes a sound like a bunch of bees buzzing as he made the t...

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