Can You Be Allergic to Marijuana?

March 23, 2015 5:47 PM

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About seven years ago, Kathryn Wick was going about her job as a child crimes detective in Texas when she entered a house that literally took her breath away. “It felt like my throat was just like shut completely off – I couldn’t breathe,” says Wick, 30. She left the scene and went to a hospital, where she was treated with two EpiPens and a hefty dose of the severe allergy medication Prednisone. "I come to find out," Wick says, "they found a whole bunch of marijuana in the house." Still, she brushed her reaction off as a fluke and went back to work.

Then it happened again – this time, at a house on the other side of the county. “As soon as I entered the door, I was done,” Wick says. After that, any time she was around pot or even near anyone who had been around it, she lost her breath and felt so itchy she'd scratch her neck until it bled. “I’d...

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