Can We Actually Talk About Recovery This Year?

February 5, 2015 10:29 PM

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Can We Actually Talk About Recovery This Year?

Here we are in early February, just over a month since many of us resolved to make dramatic personal overhauls of our unhealthiest behaviors and least productive mindsets. But the holidays are now long gone, our New Year's resolution fever has broken, and life has resumed its former rhythms, for better or worse. Despite the best intentions, many have already watched their resolve for a new and improved self roll away like a heavy ball down a well-oiled lane. Cynical? I'd say realistic, and largely because the whole concept of New Year's resolutions is flawed at the core. Change is a process, it takes planning, commitment and time. If we just pin our hopes for a better life on the overhyped arrival of Baby New Year, we might as well pin them to the diaper -- they'll both enjoy a similar lifespan.

So instead of obsessing over the annual resolutions towards personal reform that we make and break with the predictability of a hackneyed sitcom, I'd like to suggest we now shift our focus to something more global and thematic, more systemic and collective. Something that could actually have a lasti...

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