A Call for Data Literacy

April 1, 2015 12:32 PM

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We are increasingly witness to reports about poor deployments of digital platforms for learning that open up students' information to unintended audiences. This is a scary fact not simply for children but for digital citizens writ large; we are mucking through the "data age" and grasping for solutions as we think hard about digital technologies, privacy, and our basic rights. The stories coming from schools offer one important avenue to tackle privacy issues, but they make clear that we need institution-level reform. We need to cultivate students who are not only adept users of technology, but also capable of thinking critically about the costs and benefits of being a "data point" in a sea of digital activity.

We know from research that children best develop "21st century skills" with digital technologies, like computer programming, digital production, and online collaboration, when they can play, create, and share their online creations in a supportive environment of peers and adults. Federal and state e...

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