Cake Rings True

January 15, 2015 9:03 PM

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It often really concerns me that many people get their medical information from watching movies and television. That's because most shows are wildly medically inaccurate and truly misinform, especially in the arena of mental health. So I was particularly intrigued to watch Cake with Jennifer Aniston, which would be dealing with the subject of addiction. Besides being touchingly absorbing, Cake spells out that in reality ANYONE can develop a drug addiction, which is a painfully horrible way to live, often deadly and that it most often goes untreated.

When we think of a drug addict, we tend not to think about young mothers, upstanding citizens or those with means. Cake's main character, Claire, is all of these. This is accurate because addiction cuts across ALL demographics. That is because, like for Claire, addiction often begins due to the appr...

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