A Cacophony of Culinary Lunatics

September 17, 2014 4:45 PM

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Let's face it, ISIS is pretty scary. But it isn't especially scary because it represents something like 30,000 men under arms. The U.S. alone could field a force of a million if need be, and our arms are much better, too. What makes it scary is the radical ideology that holds it together. It's because of that, that thousands more would flood in to replace the fallen. It's the radicalism that is so hard to fight, and defeat.

That radicalism seems like lunacy to many of us. But it is the product of a well understood process. People embrace a point of view, then associate selectively with those who share it. It isn't long before it seems like the only point of view there is; the only one that makes sense. Whatever the evi...

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