C'mon Get Happy (Holidays)

December 11, 2014 11:35 PM

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I don't mean misery, I mean that general state of dissatisfaction many of us walk around with every day of our lives. I suspect by now I might be an expert, practice makes perfect and all that, because I've spent most of my adult life observing what's not in my shopping cart. I judge everything on what it isn't, or should have been, or wish it was; I carry the scales of injustice with me just to measure how much I've been cheated. And I know I'm not the only one.

The struggle: It's impossible to cap the measure of the thing that's not. If I made 10 dollars, it's not 100, 1,000, or 1 million. I've always been a believer in the rules of cause and effect, sure I would find happiness if I just worked hard enough for the next thing, a fruitless quest by a man wit...

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