BWW Recap: Jon Snow Heads 'Home' in GAME OF THRONES

May 2, 2016 10:35 AM

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Episode two of Game of Thrones just aired tonight and with it, we got a lot of what we had last week, shocking deaths and violence, but we also got the answer to everyone's burning question. Is Jon Snow really dead? The episode, entitled "Home" not only was named so because of the word being dropped quite often in dialogue, but several of our primary characters dealt with their families, identities and "homes". I would say this is one of the closes instances we've gotten on this show of having the title actually play a key role in the total events of the narrative, but alas, it still struggled to remain thematically relevant, despite it's frequent usage.

This episode actually picks off all the way back where we left off in Season 4, with Bran Stark beyond the Wall. He's having a vision through the weirwood tree that the three-eyed-raven resides in. This vision isn't a look into the future however, but a look back into the past, and not just any past...

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