BWW Recap: 'The Abyss Gazes Back' on SLEEPY HOLLOW

October 28, 2014 10:56 AM

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It's tense. It's hot. We see an extreme close-up of Ichabod, and he's in distress. He's being...tortured? Maybe. It's okay, though, Abbie's there to calm him down. But an equally close shot of her shows us that she's not exactly relaxing herself. She's calm, but focused. The camera moves back, and we see Abbie and Ichabod upside down...doing yoga. That's a relief. Let's be honest: is there anything more endearing than watching Ichabod trying to understand modernity? He's stressed and disappointed about Katrina lying to him, and Abbie's trying to get him to relax. Ichabod prefers the bar, though, and it's there that he dynamic duo stumble upon Sheriff Corbin's son, Joe. So begins this week's SLEEPY HOLLOW battle to save humanity.

There's a lot of mystery surrounding Joe: where was he for his dad's funeral? Why did he choose to come back now? What's his problem with Abbie? Fortunately, Abbie's the one with the answers, and she helps us clear the fog. Joe returned a few days ago from a stint in Afghanistan, which is why he cou...

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