'But You Don't Look Disabled... '

November 24, 2014 8:01 PM

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I couldn't have been more than 19, sitting at a sticky table in a dim-lit bar buzzing with young adults and university students. I was there with a group of friends, some of whom had brought their own friends. He sat down with us with a cheap beer. He was scruffy, a visiting American to the Canadian Island where I was in school. He had a little twang that sold him as southern, but he seemed eager to fit the bill of a city kid in his hipster-eque attire.

It wouldn't have been an issue, except that he kept covering his mouth as he nibbled on chips and salsa. And while I appreciated being spared from seeing the contents of his chewing, I rely heavily on lip reading -- especially in loud places. Long past the days of being embarrassed about my genetic ...

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