Bull Durham

March 6, 2015 8:20 PM

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Bull Durham

In the baseball comedy Bull Durham, a mercurial pitching prospect nicknamed Nuke LaLoosh is shepherded towards stardom by his girlfriend Annie and his catcher, Crash. Nuke's career turns the corner when Annie advises wearing a garter under his uniform and breathing through his eye lids on the mound. Neither of which I've ever recommended to anyone myself, but both touch on a basic premise of mindfulness: Nuke is too ensnared in over-thinking everything to actually pitch well. Getting out of his churning, chaotic mental storm, aiming to attend somewhere else for even a moment, allows him to find his own capacity to act skillfully.

Focusing attention on breathing through the eyelids doesn't change anything directly. It isn't even, as far as I know, actually possible. It does break Nuke out of his mental cycle long enough to just throw. It's a reminder most of us would benefit from in our lives, with or without continual guidan...

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