A Brown Person's Guide to Enjoying the Movie Exodus: Gods and Kings

December 17, 2014 10:59 PM

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First thing first (and most importantly): I'm not one of those people who is dead set against actors playing people of different races. I mean, they're actors. By definition an actor is supposed to be somebody that they are not. Being a member of the particular racial group portrayed does not make you more or less qualified to play a role -- I'd love for The Rock or Brad Pitt to play me in a biopic and I'm sure that they could do a much better job being me than me. I mean, I'd look better, but I respect their craft.

I'm also not particularly wedded to history with movies. I mean, they're movies, for criminey's sake, not a documentary! Sometimes it adds value to say that Malcolm X had a sidekick named "Shortie" or to pretend that Cleopatra was a white Greek lady and not a woman of Greek decent whose family had b...

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