Broth: The New Liquid Lunch

January 31, 2015 7:33 AM

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Broth: The New Liquid Lunch

AH, JANUARY. That time of year when we retreat, gouty and dyspeptic, into a state of self-imposed exile from the world of edible indulgences. December’s culinary exertions send us tumbling headlong into the produce aisle, searching for redemption in the form of salads and cold-pressed juices. Good for the waistline, sure, but also supremely off-kilter with the season. How could anyone find satisfaction in all those raw plants when the weather so clearly demands steaming stews and slow-cooked meats?

Consider turning instead to broth, quite possibly the only dish that counts as both a comfort food and a health aid. It’s savory, warming and high in protein and minerals, without any of the sugar that got you into trouble to begin with.

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