From Broken to Beautiful: The Power of 'Kintsugi'

September 30, 2014 9:11 PM

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From Broken to Beautiful: The Power of 'Kintsugi'

In Japanese, the word Kintsugi means "golden rejoining," a 15th-century oriental master craft dedicated to the restoration of fine ceramic pottery. The essence of Kintsugi is the practice of focusing one's intention on life's hidden beauty and power. In the case of this ancient art form it's about the power of transforming broken ceramic pottery into beautifully resurrected masterpieces.

Beholding the artistry of Kintsugi one can immediately see its transformative power. Shattered pieces of a pristine vase are artfully rejoined with gold-laced epoxy to create a stunning masterpiece; and evoking an intriguing question. If such astounding beauty can emerge from the shards of a shatter...

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