Broad City Review: "In Heat"

January 15, 2015 5:28 PM

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Broad City Review: "In Heat"

Rest easy, anxious Abbi and Ilana watchers: Broad City is back and it’s good. In the best way possible, last night’s Season 2 premiere felt like a throwback to the show’s early episodes, recalling the brisk pace and hustler’s grit that made “Pussy Weed” and “What A Wonderful World” so great. The girls’ air conditioner problem was a solid premise that served up equally funny and familiar tangents, like asking for help on social media, returning to college and trying to attract someone while personally feeling pretty gross.

Most importantly, Ilana and Abbi were still very much Ilana and Abbi without feeling like broad parodies of the characters. Last season’s Oprah tattoo gag was maybe a bit much, but Abbi’s weirdly intimate relationship with the Bed, Bath & Beyond employees was just about perfect, as was everything we...

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