Brian Williams and the Circle of Trust | Sam Lanevi

February 19, 2015 10:09 PM

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When television was in its early stages, the role of the nightly news anchor came to fruition. Journalism legends began with CBS' Walter Cronkite and eventually led to the female anchor, such as Wellesley alumna Diane Sawyer and Yahoo News' Katie Couric. Every night, viewers place their trust in these reporters to bring them the news of the day without embellishment or bias. Brian Williams has broken this trust by embellishing his stories, and as a result, broke the contract between anchor and viewer. Rather than providing us with the facts, he weaves tales, such as saving puppies from burning buildings and witnessing atrocities, that paint him as a hero.

Recent reports suggest that Williams embellished the details of several stories -- most notably a story in which he claims that his helicopter was shot down by enemy fire while covering the Iraq War in 2003. Additional reports have come under scrutiny, including Williams' coverage of Hurricane Katri...

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