Breast Biopsies Proved Less Efficient As a Diagnostic Tool

March 18, 2015 1:06 PM

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Research revealed that breast biopsies are great at differentiating between healthy and cancerous tissue however less dependable for diagnosis of more unpretentious abnormalities. The new discovery was reported on Tuesday in JAMA. It has subtle evidences to challenge the normal conviction that a biopsy is the highest level and will resolve any inquiries that may emerge from a misty mammogram or ultrasound. Researchers suggest that Misinterpretation can lead women to have surgery and other treatments they do not need, or to miss out on treatments they do need.

In the United States, around 1.6 million ladies have breast biopsies each year; just around 20 percent of the tests discover disease. Ten percent identify atypia, a finding that cells inside breast conduits are unusual, however not carcinogenic. Around 60,000 ladies every year are found to have duc...

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