Breaking Broadway | Carmen Pelaez

February 6, 2015 8:48 PM

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A year ago Giselle Alvarez was waiting tables at Soho's Boqueria unsure if a dance career was still in the cards. After a wonderful education at Miami City Ballet, she was hired by a dance company that decided her thighs were too big to be put on stage. She didn't like hearing it, but appreciated the honesty and decided to find different ways of expressing herself in New York City. Despite her efforts however, she couldn't find a way to break in. That's when her older brother stepped in.

Frankie Alvarez, star of HBO'S LOOKING, sat down with Giselle at a lower east side cafe for a heart to heart. He understood why she was having a hard time but it didn't stop him from asking tough questions. When Giselle assured him that she wanted to make a go of it no matter what, he offered an ins...

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