'Breaking Bad' recap: Jesse's moment of truth

August 27, 2013 3:14 AM

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'Breaking Bad' recap: Jesse's moment of truth

There are two obvious chinks in Walter White’s armor, two people who know everything he’s done, more or less, and could bring him to his knees by confessing what they know to Hank. The first is Skyler, whom the show dealt with in last week’s episode. In “Confessions,” the show turns its focus to Jesse to see if he will be the one to give Hank the ammunition he needs to begin building a case. Along the way, however, the episode reveals Walt’s unlikely plan B and shows Hank just how thoroughly he’s going to be hurt by Walt’s crimes becoming public knowledge.

It’s the first episode of the season to feel slightly scattered in places because it needs to service so many different story lines, and its cliffhanger is largely pointless, since we know Jesse won’t burn down the White home. (It’s still standing in the flash-forwards.) But “Confessions” unquestion...

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