About A Boy

October 27, 2014 2:00 AM

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About A Boy

Well, if we weren't sure how far things got between Carrie and Aayan in last week's episode, we certainly do now. The two are naked and in bed together at the start of this week's "Homeland." Aayan is like a kid on Christmas morning when he wakes up and sees a naked Carrie next to him. He even goes as far as lifting the covers to sneak a little peek of her goods -- as if the previous night's escapades didn't provide enough of a glimpse -- before she wakes. She does wake up just as he puts the covers down and they share bashful smiles. Carrie dresses, kisses Aayan's arm, and leaves to get them pastries for breakfast. Is this "Homeland" or the start to a really cheesy rom-com?

Quinn and Fara finagle a new stakeout spot in the heart of the city, across from where Fara spotted Haqqani last week. She's feeling extremely uneasy with her new role as a real member of the team instead of merely just an assistant. Quinn provides assurance, as he is so good at doing, and the two e...

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