Bottle Flip 2k16 on the App Store

September 30, 2016 3:36 PM

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Bottle Flip 2k16 on the App Store

Great game. I have some awesome ideas to improve the game. One is to count caps (which is when the bottle lands on the cap) as point. Right now it makes u start over. Another one is to add a store where players can buy different bottles that each come with a different perk or ability. Last one is allow customization to the bottles. I hope u take into account my ideas.

"My older brother recommended this game to me,after i played it once,i got addicted!" THANK YOU DEVELOPERS FOR BRINGING THE CHALLENGE ON THE GO! "I recommend some ideas to the developer, add a store to decorate the bottle,use a kind of currency to let the players purchase decorations, bottles, etc."...

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