Boris Nemtsov Died Fighting for Reforms in Russia

March 5, 2015 6:12 AM

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With the help of an international NGO, Nemtsov and his colleagues started microlending programs to gradually privatize small state-owned enterprises, such as stores, beauty parlors and auto shops. Realizing that independent businesses could not get goods, he devised an auction to sell off trucks not in use from the state-owned trucking firm. He also transformed the fairground, built in the 18th century, into a local mercantile exchange and founded a land bank to carry out land reform to enable small stakeholders to buy farms and private property.

We now know it was the speed of the mass drive to privatize and the promises of a painful but quick shock therapy that paved the way for what a recent Russian film calls the “Leviathan.” That is the establishment, locally and nationally, of oligarchs who control business, finance and political power...

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