Book review: 'The Year of the Three Sisters' is a powerful tale about cross-cultural friendships

April 13, 2015 3:05 PM

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Parents need to know that"The Year of the Three Sisters"is the fourth book in a well-regarded series for young readers byAndrea Cheng. Anna's a Chinese-American seventh grader in Cincinnati, one of only a few Asians in her school. She and a friend invite a young Chinese migrant worker from Beijing to visit for a year, but cultural and class differences make adjustment difficult. Unusually thoughtful and sensitive for a book for young readers, the story addresses cross-cultural differences and issues of friendship. Kids will relate to this well-written and meaningful story about the challenges of fitting in.

In "The Year of Three Sisters," Anna and her friend invite Fan, a young migrant worker from Beijing whom Anna had met in a previous book, to their school for a year. Fan has a difficult life in China, and her adjustment to suburban Cincinnati isn't easy, especially when she's intent on studying all ...

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