"Bobby Jasoos" (Hindi; English subtitles)

July 5, 2014 5:02 PM

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"Bobby Jasoos" (Hindi; English subtitles)

Bilkis Ahmed aka Bobby (Vidya Balan) wants to be a detective. But there are obstacles. First, her training. She has none, a point her boss from the agency where she wanted to work pounds home. Second, her gender. She's a woman. Her parents despair of her choice of profession and her lack of interest in marriage. When she makes stacks of money from a big case, her proud father won't accept her gifts.

Her contemporaries watch soap operas and dream of their weddings. She doesn't. She prefers to hone her craft. Coming from a conservative family, she's over the hill at thirty. She stands in stark contrast to her sister, Noor (Benaf Dadachandii), who is eager to get married. All this takes place agai...

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