Boardwalk Empire Watch: Season 5, Episode 2

September 15, 2014 7:37 AM

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The fifth season of Boardwalk Empire got off to a solid, albeit far from terrific, start last week (with "Golden Days for Boys and Girls"), but the second installment was absolutely superb. "The Good Listener" continued with the premiere's obsession with the past, while also highlighting how those who forget it are, as Santayana said, "condemned to repeat it. Or, was it The Propellerheads? It doesn't matter, it's all just a bit of history repeating and "The Good Listener" was all about repetition. Running in circles. A life in crime is a vicious cycle, can one escape the loop before it's closed?

The episode opens with shots of a record spinning superimposed with various other images, two ways that director Allen Coulter makes it immediately clear that this week is about being trapped in the aforementioned cycle, as well as how the past constantly impinges on the present. Both Eli and Nelson...

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