Boardwalk Empire recap: 'King of Norway'

October 6, 2014 2:00 AM

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If there is one positive to the abbreviated eight-episode final season of Boardwalk Empire, it's that we only had to slog through four lukewarm episodes in order to get from last year's fiery finale "Farewell Daddy Blues" to the next (and, possibly, last) truly stellar hour of the series. Although, with only three episodes left, "King of Norway" will, at the very least, end up the fourth-best episode of the season, which ain't too shabby. Not only was this episode one of the more productive in the show's history, but, aside from an MIA Dr. Narcisse (who is poised to make up for his lack of presence next week), we got comprehensive updates on most of the major characters, a big-production shoot-'em-up scene and a jaw-dropping plot twist at the end.

Lots of questions are finally answered in "King of Norway," and it feels like we're actually getting closer to wrapping up some important story lines. By the end of the episode, Eli Thompson and Nelson Van Alden (so long, alias George Mueller) have reached the "end of the line" of their run from the...

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