Bloody Yet Unsatisfying, 'Kill Me Three Times' Disappoints But Once

April 9, 2015 9:03 PM

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The Australian crime caper Kill Me Three Times feels like a throwback to the country's "Ozploitation" genre films of the 1970s: bloody, low-budget romps through the commonwealth's seedier side. But in its half-hearted attempt to weave a tricky narrative structure, the film also has shades of the mid-'90s Pulp Fiction knockoffs that soured the landscape of bloody, low-budget romps. Director Kriv Stenders (Red Dog) and first-time screenwriter James McFarland have divided their tale of murder, infidelity, and insurance fraud into three distinct parts ("Kill Me Once," "Twice," etc.). They loop back on each other, so that we first see events unfold without explanation, and later get the context.

This twisty structure is the movie's hook, though after two decades of similar narrative games in cinema, the gambit feels overly familiar. The danger is that such a device will feel like an artificial means of stretching out a thin story, instead of a mechanism that complements it in a satisfying w...

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