Birthdays, 9/11 and Fashion Week

September 17, 2014 1:58 PM

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Birthdays, 9/11 and Fashion Week

9/11 happened. Two days after my birthday. I was still a young doctor in training. I was eager and on my way. Then, tragedy. Not my personal tragedy, but such tragedy all around me that it felt horrifyingly personal. The following week was split between the hospital and consoling and helping families in the search for their loved ones (who were never found). Nights were about people. Lots and lots of people. There were dinners, gatherings, get-togethers and endless talking. Every night, people congregated in different groups and the bond was strong and feverish and necessary between us -- we just wanted to know we were all still alive. We needed some kind of confirmation. We needed to appreciate life and somehow, none of us wanted to do that alone.

It was Fashion Week then, as it was during this year, and I remember that a fashionista friend of mine was sunk deep in sadness. We all were, dealing with the multiple layers of grief, fear, anxiety and emotional pain. I remember that she kept questioning her purpose in life. For my part, I was runn...

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