"Birdman" and Keaton Will Amaze You

November 20, 2014 3:20 AM

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"Birdman" is an amazing movie any way you view it. Some will be bowled over by the performances, each and every member of the cast are playing their A game. Some will be enthralled by the camera work, long winding long shots that go on forever. Some will marvel at the dialogue, sentences that slice and dice and then slice and dice some more. And some will be stunned by the originality of the presentation of the concept, a down and out Hollywood actor makes a bid for success on Broadway. All will remember this movie and study this movie because it is so good in every respect.

Riggin Thomson (Keaton) is a Hollywood actor whose best days are supposedly behind him. He had a major success playing "Birdman", a super hero character of sorts, but once he stepped away from that role it was all downhill for him in Hollywood. Now he has put up everything he owns to direct and star...

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