How Bioware and Freddie Prinze Jr. Are Helping to Make a Better Future | Matt_Kane

February 12, 2015 8:59 PM

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It was just a few hours into the acclaimed new video game Dragon Age: Inquisition that I had the first of many revelatory moments. Exploring the grassy hills near a castle ruin, I stumbled on a female soldier being attacked by a couple of bandits. After helping her dispatch them, the body of a dead woman lying on the ground caught my eye (and cursor) prompting further investigation. My character remarked that she was a mage and appeared to have been in the middle of a picnic, leading the audibly nervous soldier to eventually admit that the two had recently become romantically involved. She wasn't nervous about being found with another woman, but being found with a "mage," which put them on opposing sides of a conflict. The lesbian angle was treated as a total non-issue and was one of many more surprises to come over the course of the game.

As a closeted gay teen growing up with the video games of the 1990s, a game like this was not something I could have imagined. Video games have long had a reputation for indulging the misogynistic and violent fascinations of teenage boys, and there's certainly a lot of evidence to back that up. That...

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