Binge Eating in Veterans | Robin M. Masheb

September 12, 2014 3:08 PM

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Since returning from Iraq a veteran fights the same battle every night. Once his wife and kids go to sleep, he finds it difficult to control how many chips, cookies and beers he consumes before hiding evidence of this behavior and not falling asleep until long after midnight. The next morning the veteran feels depressed and guilty, and is resolved not to do it again. In an attempt to compensate for the weight he's gained, and the previous night's caloric intake, he skips breakfast and lunch. But later that night he begins feeling irritable again, overwhelmed by intrusive memories that make it difficult to sleep. Alone with his thoughts, his binge eating and drinking cycle starts again.

With new research making inroads in hot-button issues such as suicide prevention and military sexual trauma, why should we care about eating disorders in veterans? Because binge eating disorder (BED), officially recognized as the most prevalent eating disorder in the U.S., may disproportionately aff...

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