Big Love: Getting Beyond a 100 Pound Weight Gain

April 1, 2015 5:53 PM

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"Don't you LOVE your body? I'm so jealous of you," a classmate asked me in dance class. I smiled but didn't answer. She was one of the popular girls and she had just made my day. I think any young girl in my situation would have felt good getting that sort of compliment. But, looking back, I know that there was something extremely wrong with what she had said, and here it was: I was about 13, and I weighed the same thing that I had weighed at age 10 (70 pounds). I wasn't done growing, I had just figured out how to "diet." Quite honestly, it was not a diet, it was starvation.

Yet, becoming a teenager in the mid-90's, during the age of Kate Moss and other waif models meant that a standard of beauty had been set, and that standard was that women should not just be thin--they should look emaciated. This, along with the pressures of wanting to fit in in a community where qui...

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