'Big Hero 6' is smart, artful animation

November 6, 2014 8:15 PM

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"Big Hero 6" is, shot after shot, an intelligent and artful creation. There's a scene in which the filmmakers convey a funeral's taking place with a medium shot of black umbrellas opening up. They pull back to show people standing at a cemetery in the rain and then dissolve to a post-funeral gathering, filmed from outside the house through rain-spattered windows. And all the while, the camera is slowly moving.

At the same time, "Big Hero 6" makes full use of the animation medium. It takes place in the fictitious San Fransokyo, a mash-up of San Francisco and Tokyo, with elevated trains and a pagoda design for the Golden Gate Bridge. It's a pleasure just to ride the back of the camera as it swoops above the...

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